Canon 6D Review

In the world of DSLR photography, it’s quite easy to achieve stunning image quality on almost any budget. Since the introduction of the first DSLR in 1981, the marketplace has grown substantially and now includes different models for any user’s needs.

Software Review – After Effects

You may not know what After Effects is by name, but there’s no doubt you’ve seen its work. Anywhere you look on TV or in movies, there is motion graphics and visual effects work. Oftentimes it’s too subtle to notice, but a good majority of that work is completed on After Effects, which is why it’s often considered the industry standard. 

Jupiter lands in our orbit again

Summer time is here, which for us means cranking the AC and avoiding eating anywhere outside for lunch. Sorry, Pop-Up Park—we love you, but it’s just too hot out there. Aside from the impending heat waves, we’ve had a great start to the year so far, and our summer schedule is quickly getting filled up with a variety of different projects.

The Hive in Wichita

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be sponsoring the Hive’s audio-video room, which means that we’ll be sending an employee or two over each week to assist the Hive’s members who have booked time in the A/V room with video production, as well as provide instruction to those who want it.