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Premiere Pro Software Review

In a recent blog, we told you about Adobe After Effects and its various uses—mainly with regards to motion graphics. Today we will be exploring the more straightforward editing software known as Premiere. While it can also do motion graphics, it really excels in editing. Premiere is a monster editing workhorse disguised in a fairly user friendly interface. Users familiar with other programs such as iMovie or Final Cut Pro will discover a similar “timeline” feature for editing, and many of the same intuitive controls.

‘Never Split the Difference’ with The Black Swan Group

When we were approached by the Black Swan Group about helping to create some content for their new interactive virtual training platform Never Split the Difference, we were ecstatic. Started in 2008, the Black Swan group aims to help solve business negotiation problems by implementing communication tactics used in hostage negotiations. Although this may sound … Continue reading ‘Never Split the Difference’ with The Black Swan Group