Filming with Lightspeed Virtual Training

For over two years we have been working with Lightspeed VT, an interactive virtual training company that develops online curriculum for keynote speakers, trainers and corporate educators. These projects are unique as they focus their material to center around interactive training meant to feel like a one-on-one experience. No boring PowerPoints here!

Working with Lightspeed and many of their clients, we have helped trainers take curriculum that they would typically deploy in a live keynote speech or a classroom setting and rescript it into material that works best in an eLearning online video format. Lightspeed centers heavy focus around their interactive technology that requires a specialized way of editing each client’s curriculum, which our team of talented editors have become well-versed in.

Above all else, Lightspeed is a solid company with the initiative and desire to help train users easily and efficiently. If you are looking for an enterprise level e-learning platform, we highly recommend the team at LightSpeed VT. The best contact is Andy Baldassarre – 316-771-5050 for details. Visit their website, here.

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