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If you’ve been out and about in Wichita in the past year or so, you’ve likely been inundated with images of our city’s flag. The design is simple, yet striking, and it’s sudden surge in popularity has made it a household symbol. There are beautiful outdoor murals of the flag, t-shirts, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, and a whole host of other “flag swag” that reinforces our love for our community. Because the flag offers us a way to share our mutual values and understanding with our community, the resurgence of the image has also sparked an increase in local pride, which is something that has previously been an issue here in Wichita.


In honor of Flag Day on June 14, the Wichita Chamber of Commerce asked us to produce a video showcasing why Wichita’s flag is important, and what it means to our citizens. Over the course of the past few weeks, we’ve been hard at work filming various local celebrities, politicians, and business people. Among those who came and filmed a segment were Mayor Jeff Longwell, Cassandra Bryan, and Jonathon Long, all of which whom shared their particular connection to the flag and what it means to them.


Here at World Studios ICT, we’re big fans of Wichita, and we jumped at the opportunity to give a little back to our community and show how much Wichita means to us, and everyone else.

We’re getting close to done with the video and we’re ecstatic to show you the final product. Keep an eye on our social media to watch it when it comes out!

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