Today marks Wichita’s 152th birthday, and to celebrate we’re proud to release the first in a series of #ILoveWichita videos to you all. As a continuation of our recent Wichita Flag Day video, Mayor Jeff Longwell also filmed a segment for this project and raised some interesting points about the history of our town; the meaning of our flag and the various benefits of living in Wichita.

A few weeks ago, we partnered with the Wichita Chamber of Commerce on an idea we had for a video to commemorate Wichita’s upcoming birthday. The video centers around the shifting perception of our city in the last few years, and how what we do as individuals has a direct impact on how our city changes. In the past, Wichita has been called the aviation capital of the world. However, with all of the recent economic and cultural development here it seems to be changing to the “opportunity capital of the world”.

We’re always happy to give back to the community, and this video is just one of the ways we try and do that. Our city is growing at a unprecedented rate, and the recent surge in local pride and community is proof of that. We hope to continue to work together to make Wichita the “opportunity capital of the world” and to dispel the long-held belief that Wichita is somehow inferior to other cities. Enjoy the video, share it around, and let your pride for our beautiful city show!

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