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As Wichitans, we’re often plagued by a self-deprecating mindset that Wichita’s economy is suffering, or at least subpar when compared alongside larger cities like Austin or Chicago. However, much of this mindset comes from a deeply engrained sense that Wichita isn’t a ‘cool’ city, and that in order to be successful in whatever field you’re in, you have to go somewhere else. A recent study conducted over Wichita’s economy called The Chung Report has helped to shed some light on these issues by asking previously un-asked questions, and gaining helpful insights and data on our city’s economy.   

One crucial finding in this study was that Wichita’s number one export is human capital. Why doesn’t talent stay here, and what can we do to keep them here? Why doesn’t talent COME here, and how can we entice them to? These questions raised from the findings of the Chung Report are exactly what the team at Knoxx are hoping to answer. We were honored when they asked us to produce a series of videos for their “Hire Local Initiative”—a community wide effort to help connect employers to potential employees through their innovative recruiting technology. 

The series features various local business professionals, all of which had a chance to speak a little on what makes Wichita’s market so unique, and how the opportunities that are available to our city could shift perception in a major way. Watch the video above, and be sure to support Knoxx as they roll out their Hire Local Initiative—you might just get a job from it!

For more information on Knoxx and their Hire Local Initiative, visit their website here, or watch their YouTube channel.

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