‘Never Split the Difference’ with The Black Swan Group

When we were approached by the Black Swan Group about helping to create some content for their new interactive virtual training platform Never Split the Difference, we were ecstatic. Started in 2008, the Black Swan group aims to help solve business negotiation problems by implementing communication tactics used in hostage negotiations. Although this may sound extreme, the principals that the group teaches revolve around simple concepts like active listening, emotional intelligence, and responding to human nature. The group is run by former head FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss, whose 24 year tenure as lead International Kidnapping Negotiator cemented his status as a superstar within the FBI.

After working with Chris to develop the script, we began filming late last week. Working with Chris was an absolute blast, and the spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm were heavy in the room. Chris is easy to work with, highly knowledgable, and incredibly skilled in the field of negotiation communication. He shared stories, funny anecdotes, and helpful pieces of advice all throughout the process that helped make it a joy to work on. We can’t wait to roll out his content platform—it’s going to help change lives for the better, and the techniques laid out in this program can be used for work, school, and even inter-personal relationships.
Chris will be in again in a few weeks to finish the filming and we couldn’t be more excited. Be on the lookout for photos and updates from the sessions, as well as the final product once it rolls out.
Check out their Website here: http://blackswanltd.com/

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