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Need an elegant, professional video that helps you stand out from the crowd?

What You Get When Working with World Studios ICT

These days, most trainers, coaches, and public speakers have videos, but they tend to all look the same — green screen backgrounds, side assets, one camera angle, and so on. It works, but is it the best you can do?

Cinema-Quality Video Production

Your courses will be shot using only the highest-quality digital video cameras, microphones, and lighting. Our team of video specialists will make you look your best, and give your content a high-end look missing from most e-learning.

Dedicated Video Professionals

Our team specializes in creating high-quality, high-impact e-learning content, and we can assist you in everything from content consultation to the final product

Custom Graphics

Your course will feature fully-custom animations and graphics that elevate your branding and content and that add a kinetic and engaging additional visual element to your videos.

Location Consultation

We help you find the best venue in which to film, taking care to secure a location to match your personal style while also ensuring an aesthetically-pleasing, professional background.

LightSpeed VT Interactivity Consultation

Guided tour and support from our team to help you understand and leverage the power of our interactive LMS, as well as content consultations to ensure your videos will maximize our platform’s engagement and retention capabilities with interactive graphics and scripting.

Gallery section

We are the official production studio for Marshall Goldsmith’s Methods of 100 Coaches

Elevate your content and establish the authority you have earned through years of knowledge-building and experience with our highest-quality video production.

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