Scream Queen Competition / 2017 HorrorFest

Hi everyone!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at World Studios. Between our normal client workload, getting ready for the Century II Expo, and sponsoring the 31st annual Horrorfest at the Warren Old Town Theatre, we’ve had a pretty full plate. This isn’t a bad thing at all—in fact, we love being busy. However, we do need your help with one thing.

This year’s Horrorfest lineup is an amalgam of cult classics, kooky and spooky B-movies, and hardline slashers. As self-appointed horror movie buffs, we jumped at the opportunity to partner with Wichita Big Screen for such a cool event. Since this is our first year sponsoring the film festival, we thought we’d try something a little different. We’re hosting a “Scream Queen/King” competition each week in October, with the winners getting two free passes each to the Horrorfest movie of their choosing. We’re all familiar with some of the more classic Scream Queens (Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh, Sarah Michelle Geller) but we think you could do even better.

The contest works like this: take your phone or tablet, record a short (5-10 second) video clip of you doing your most brutal, blood-curdling scream, send it to us, and we select the two best out of all of the submissions. Videos can be sent to our media manager Jayde at or post it on Facebook and tag our page (World Studios ICT) with the hashtag #GREENSCREAM. Winners will be selected on Friday and announced that next Monday. Every Tuesday, the contest resets and you have another chance to win two free tickets to any movie of your choice.

Since it is already Friday, this week we just ask that you share this post to be entered to win. Two people who have shared our post will be selected on Monday and will be awarded two free passes.

In addition to the Scream Queen contest, we’re also partnering with Lifeline Animal Placement & Protection – LAPP on a limited run of Horrorfest themed t-shirts, with all of the proceeds going to LAPP in support of no-kill animal shelters.

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