Studio Happenings – Week of June 18

The studio has been insanely busy these past few weeks, but in the best way possible. Between filming for the Black Swan Group, Rigor Leadership, and a short commercial spot featuring “the X-MAN” Xavier McDaniel, we’ve kept moving and shaking with a variety of different projects. From the art of negotiating deals to leadership training to commercials, we’re at our best when we get to work on a myriad of different videos. And we love the challenge that comes with a packed studio schedule.
Now that filming’s concluded, it’s on to the real fun: editing. Our editors are hard at work color correcting, cutting, and keying all of the footage we shot. It’s a minor respite before we get back to more filming next week.
We’re almost booked up for the entire summer, so if you’re still in decisive about renting our studio for a project, act now before all the open slots are filled up!

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