The Black Swan Group – Back in Studio

It’s June in Wichita, which means heat, Riverfest, and more heat. While we didn’t get a chance to walk over to the festival and grab a funnel cake, we had an equally good time filming with some stellar clients. This week we were super excited to finish filming content for the Black Swan Group’s new “Never Split the Difference” training platform. The group is led by former hostage negotiator Chris Voss, and this week he was also joined by his son Brandon, who filmed a few chapters of content for the platform. These guys are total pros with negotiation, and their courses offers tons of vital information for getting your deals inked, and the art of “letting the other side have your way.”

The courses they filmed this week covered topics like compromise, calibrated questions, and how to apply the concepts to your real life. We had the opportunity to help them create course simulations at the end of each chapter to help the viewer really understand the concepts, and to contextualize them in situations which we all find ourselves in nearly every day. We can’t wait for you to see this.

It was a long, but fun week filming over five hours of content for this new platform, and Chris and Brandon powered through every day with energy, sincerity, and work ethic. If you ever get the chance to take their course (which you should), you’ll be impressed with the sheer amount of knowledge and insight this team possesses. Plus, they’re personable and super easy to work with. We couldn’t ask for much more from these guys, and we’re now hard at work editing the content so we can roll out the platform. If you’re interested in learning more about the BSG, check out their website at

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