Total Solutions Group Video Shoot

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As we wind down for the year, we’re wrapping up filming on our project with Total Solutions Group. These guys have been hard at work in the studio this week creating marketing materials for their new virtual training platform. Although we were working on a tight deadline, these guys know how to have a good time and still get the job done, and we had a blast working with them. 

Total Solutions Group is a logistics management company that deals with helping companies in strategic communication, leadership, and organizational and cultural transformation. Their team assess ways to improve the functionality, and ultimately the results, of any given company. Through strategic consulting, results-based training, integrative resources and targeted coaching, they’ve developed a great system not only for finding the answers they need, but more importantly—discovering the right questions to ask. They’ve worked with huge names before—Microsoft, Toyota, Comcast—so it’s obvious these guys know their stuff. Now that they’ve headed back to New Jersey, we’re starting on editing and post production next week. 

Be on the lookout for when their content is released, and if you’re a business needing logistics management assistance, call Total Solutions Group. Until then, have a safe and happy holiday season! We’ll be catching up on binge watching Netflix and eating tons of ginger bread cookies. 

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