A Bit About What We Do Here

Since we started this company in November of 2015, we’ve always made it our mission to take each and every project we get and make it into the absolute best product possible. We do this through our state-of-the-art video production studio, which is manned by a trained team of professional video editors, producers, photographers, and motion graphics designers. With our combined skill sets and expertise, we’re ready to help your project in whatever way is needed. Need assistance editing a script? Color correcting your footage? Audio sync and capture? Logo design and animation? We’ve got you covered start to finish.

One of our biggest advantages as a studio is that we have one of the only fully-equipped green screen studios in Wichita, and our turnkey setup lets you walk right in and get started immediately. In addition to shooting on green screen, we also offer on and off site shoots, and we even have a drone camera now for those encompassing, wide, visually striking shots from an aerial view. No matter what you’re in need of, we’ll be there to assist with professional high-end gear and a pre-production plan.

Although we’re equipped to handle full scale video projects, we’re big fans of working with other production companies to get your product where it needs to be. One of the most rewarding things for us is when we get the chance to collaborate with other video studios and teams to put together something that everyone can be proud of. Because we often get clients who have either some or most of their project already finished when they come in, we understand the importance of being flexible and able to work with other studios and production companies. Sometimes we’ll only shoot a few scenes on green screen for a client, and other times we take raw footage and make an entire product.

Along with video production, we also provide our clients with supplemental photography services to help facilitate productions. We can do BTS shoots, on location production stills, and even your companies headshot. Our team of professional photographers and editors are here to give you your best image.

The Wichita community has been so supportive of the arts and film scene here in the past few years, and we love to help nurture that in any way we can. Working together to bring YOU, your best product.

Drop us a line or come in and see us. We won’t bite!

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