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We have a professional green screen studio for which we will take on video projects large or small. We are also renting out this space to anyone in need of our specialized equipment.

Although we’re equipped to handle full-scale video projects, we’re big fans of working with other production companies to get your product where it needs to be. Some of the most rewarding projects for us are when we get the chance to collaborate with other video studios and teams to put together something that everyone can be proud of. Because we often get clients who have either some or most of their project already finished when they come in, we understand the importance of being flexible and able to work with other studios and production companies. Sometimes we’ll only shoot a few scenes on green screen for a client, and other times we take raw footage and make an entire product.

Our fully adjustable grid mounted lighting system, makes setup a breeze. Our sound absorption panels allow us to record with a shotgun mic; this frees up time from attaching lavalier mics, eliminates handling noise if the talent is fidgety, and keeps you out of your client's personal space.

Our cameras shoot in 4k which allows us to punch in without the use of additional cameras, multiple takes, or quality loss if your final export will be in HD. 

Multiple monitors allow you to see the image in full detail and focus and the teleprompter allows less experienced talent to be guided by the script, minimizing errors and time spent filming. 

Whether you're working with a full production crew or by yourself creating your own content, our team can supplement your project in any way you need. We're here to assist YOU.


Additionally, we offer number of post-production services to our rental clients. These include:


·      Rough Cutting

·      Keying

·      Color Correction

These services, currently come bundled with the use of one or more of our staff members during a production.


If you'd like more information concerning our location, facilities, equipment or pricing. Please email us at info@worldstudiosict.com or call us at

1 (316) 771-5050 ext. 206.

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