‘Your Wichita Flag’ Video Project

It was bright and early when we headed out to Friends University this morning for the Sunrise Scrambler event sponsored by the Wichita Chamber of Commerce. Today, the Friends of McConnell, alongside McConnell Air Force Base Leadership were presented with the 2017 Abilene Trophy; an annual award for the community that demonstrates the most support of its local air force base. As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, we were asked by the Chamber of Commerce to create a video in honor of the Wichita flag’s upcoming 80th birthday, and today we finally had the opportunity to present it. It has been somewhat of a passion project for us, and has been an absolute blast to create. Wichita has been on the rise lately, and we’re happy to see it continue to grow and become a better place for everyone as we unite together under the common goal of uplifting our great city. We’re excited to share the love of ICT and celebrate the birthday of our flag. Big thank you to the Chamber of Commerce, everyone involved in the video, and a huge thank you to McConnell Air Force Base for all of their service, and continued dedication to our community. 

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